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“Our daughter (now age 4.5 years) was born by emergency c-section. We came to Marieka for a range of sensory challenges including night terrors and sleep issues. After her first appointment we saw marked changes in our daughters sleep and behaviour. She has not had night terrors since and tells us that the “pressure” in her head has gone away. Marieka has an outstanding demeanour with children and our daughter always looks forward to her appointment." 
"I’m glad I was a emergency c-section cos otherwise I wouldn’t have met Marieka”

- Eloise (age 4) & Lydia Howard, Smithers BC


“Marieka has helped my 4.5 month old son and I with breastfeeding and sleep. She does so with great care for both him and I, and I always feel taken care of and supported when I leave my appointment, which is just what a new momma needs! I first took Austen to Marieka when he was 8 days old to help with his tongue tie which had just been released. Breastfeeding was very painful and after two sessions the pain went away and Austen’s nursing has significantly improved. I had another appointment with Marieka after Austen’s 4 month sleep regression had started (he was up every couple hours and crying at night like he hadn’t cried before). Immediately following that appointment he returned to his usual 12-13 hour night sleep with 2 feeds. I highly recommend Marieka’s treatments!”
- Lauren L’Orsa, Smithers, BC


“I have suffered from chronic migraines for about 5 years. After no luck with doctors (just pain medicine) I sought out alternative options. With chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, my headaches/migraines would often return days - or hours- later. 

Marieka has been my practitioner for the last 2 years. In that time my migraines have essentially disappeared. My appointments are often a blend, with the focus on craniosacral. What works so well with my treatments, though I do receive some instant releases, is more often days later I can still feel my body responding.

A craniosacral appointment is difficult to explain - but Marieka is truly able to communicate with your body and make adjustments. After years of managing pain, I can now prevent my migraines with regular appointments! “
- Melissa Davies, Burns Lake, BC


"I have gone to Marieka for massages for myself as well as  Cranialsacrol treatments for my newborn. Marieka is extremely knowledgeable about her profession and seems to always be further educating herself which is something I look for in an RMT. I've recently gone to her for a CS treatment for my 6 month old who seemed to be having difficulty with properly latching on one breast, which in turn was causing a lot of pain for the past couple months. After 1 treatment and about 1 week of healing the damage that was caused from improper latching, I no longer have any pain. Baby and I could not be happier. Thank you again Marieka!”

- Kylee Arpin, Telkwa, BC

"Thanks for being so gentle and kind with my baby! It can be hard to trust a complete stranger with something like this, but you set a very calm environment and allowed the sessions to flow naturally. I have felt very comfortable in your space and with you working on my boy, and have really enjoyed getting to know you a little bit as well :) I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends as well as using you in the future when the need arises!"

- Jocelyn Franks, Smithers, BC

My daughter was born via emergency c-section after a very long and tiring labour. When we brought her home we struggled with her constant crying and sleepless nights. This went on for months and months. As a new mother I didn’t know what to do - or if there was anything that could be done! We had tried everything - gripe water, sugar water, bottled formula, medication for reflux, and the list goes on... nothing helped. I was told that her fussiness would go away when she got a bit older. 


A friend suggested that we see Marieka for a treatment. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so I made an appointment - and I am so glad I did. I could not be happier with the service that Marieka provided. Her positive attitude and calm energy made us feel comfortable right away. She explained what she was doing and showed me diagrams of where my daughter had blocked cerebrospinal fluid. Marieka is very knowledgeable and it is evident in her practice. 


After my daughter's first treatment, we saw results immediately. She slept soundly that night, waking up only to nurse and then falling right back to sleep. She went from shaking her head every few minutes to not shaking it at all. Her crying and “fussiness” reduced enormously. After only three treatments my daughter is sleeping through the night, and is so much happier during the day. Seeing Marieka was a game-changer for my family and we are so grateful for her help! 

- Melissa and Giuliana, New Hazelton, BC

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